Revealing mengdi story

Revealing mengdi story

Established in 2014, it is a comprehensive company integrating merchandise planning, design and development, manufacturing, brand operation, and e-commerce sales.

Since its establishment, the company has been exploring consumers' needs and providing them with a variety of product choices through original design. The company has formed a matrix of products such as backpacks, sling bags, tote bags, toiletry bags travel bags, etc.

In 2014, mengdi began to purchase products for international brand customers in Europe and the United States, agent processing; in 2020, complete experience of "early Chinese traditional foreign trade companies" to "cross-border e-commerce", the company The next need to brand through the independent station, to create a brand with international influence.


We always guard the brand power, take quality as the way of granting, and strive for excellence in the products, which is the guideline of our company.

In 2014, the company was founded to cooperate with many large companies in Europe and the United States to purchase and export different products for customers. The scale of the company has grown rapidly at a faster pace, thus the integration ability of the supply chain, taking advantage and laying down a mature research and development, logistics system.

All along, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce advocates enterprises to create and cultivate their brands, and to develop and implement policies and measures to benefit enterprise brand building, strengthen foreign trade brand building, expand their brand exports, and enhance the overseas image of their brands. Sell their brand products to the world.


Chinese traditional foreign trade enterprises

"For traditional OEM foreign trade enterprises, although the profit of doing OEM is not very high, enough orders can also maintain business turnover, but for companies that have difficulty competing with large enterprises, the only way to break through the traditional route is a long-term solution." So far, in 2020, mengdi has a strategic dream of developing a global brand With a transformation plan, through a lot of market research to understand the needs of users, research and develop products suitable for their development, to ensure stable supply management, and then naturally go to the stage of precipitating the brand, so that when the opportunity comes, to ensure that the counter-trend. Take advantage of the Internet to build a world-oriented Chinese consumer goods company.

How a traditional enterprise transforms and whether it can succeed depends on the determination of the enterprise. The transformation from traditional trade to cross-border e-commerce is not a simple channel development, but a complete change of the enterprise, to do a good job of development, production, and even supply chain.


We do not want to disrupt anything, but just want to find a product segmentation of a cut-off point, and then focus on product category. The common feature of all our products is quality, designs and environmental protection. We use a standard 10 times higher than the industry to develop and test products and launch the ultimate products to satisfy consumers.


At present, mengdi accepts mass order production and small batch production, and personalized customization; the factory realizes the production process, real-time data collection, standardization of process work hours through an intelligent manufacturing system, and the overall collaboration of information technology.

Through the online traffic operation of an independent website and social media, mengdi has established a close connection with users, and combined with B2B multi-channels, mengdi is actively exporting its brand to the global market.


                 Design Department.                                    IE Engineering Department

mengdi factory

All along, mengdi has been upholding its original intention to integrate global design and R&D resources and take advantage of the Internet to build a Chinese consumer goods company for the world.

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