Less plastic

Less plastic

We produce over 360 million tones of plastic each year of which 8 million tones end up in our Oceans.

Even if the problem seems huge at times, we all have the possibilities to impulse the change and shift towards using less plastic. Can have a great impact in changing the worldwide plastic consumption.


What is rPET?

The material type rPet is actually recycled PET material. These are raw materials from (soft) drink bottles used and collected by consumers. These collected bottles are collected at companies that then sort these bottles according to material. After this, all bottles go through a strict sorting, grinding and washing process. As soon as the recycled plastic is clean, it is melted down into the new material: rPET.

The biggest advantage of rPET is of course that we prevent (even) more plastic waste from ending up in our oceans, nature and landfills. 

rPET is recyclable. Another great advantage of rPET is that you can recycle the material after consumption. For example, to process it into a usable and sturdy high-quality packaging material. Or it is used to make new bottles, glasses or even clothing.

Always have your own reusable bottle with you.

You won’t have to compromise fashion and functionality to live more sustainably with our sleek, beautifully crafted, built to last bottles. Every purchased counts towards displacing millions of single-use plastic bottles.

Sustainable promotional gifts from rPET

Sustainable rPET bags


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