Mengdi Products

Mengdi Products


Since its creation, Mengdi has relentlessly pushed the limits and created a difference in the world of design while remaining true to its commitment to make small objects useful, beautiful, innovative and affordable. Whether in home, travel, office or leisure, Mengdi has established a special relationship with creativity and partnered with the best companies around the world to create timeless collections of lifestyle products.


“Providing you the best gift which is good for environment.”

People buying more products means more waste in the end. We see ourselves as stakeholders and an integral part of improving the ecosystem, which includes our employees, our suppliers and our customers.

And while we cannot change the world, we can certainly make our contribution, no matter how big. If we all make small changes, we can make a big difference.


We want to create the best product possible for you. We have high standards. In order to meet these exacting standards, we picked our raw material suppliers and production partner very carefully.

Obtain BSCI is one of the criterions for our partnership. show that a good working environment and fair working conditions are important to us.

In China, "production plants" often work up to 60 hours a week, and sometimes more during peak seasons. Through better production planning, our suppliers have been able to reduce these times. However, since they are so common in Chinese factories, this is only a step in the right direction. What is needed is to change the way of thinking and habits of factory management.


Made with materials carefully selected for their aesthetics and durability, Mengdi products are designed to last and meet a high quality and high-quality requirement for everyday use.

A continuously improving quality system has passed ISO9001 certification, and has been verified by quality audits of different customers such as Target Newell Costco Wal-Mart FCCA, etc.


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