Our mission

We are dedicated to providing you with meaningful gift experiences on time and within budget but with the added bonus of not costing the earth – that can be gifts that use much less water in their production, items that are carbon neutral and products that use recyclable, sustainably sourced materials.

Conscious Products

To enhance the appreciation of our gifts and the resulting connection between giver and receiver, we focus on delivering the highest possible product quality, as defined by durability, functionality, and minimal use of natural resources. Where possible, products are made from certified and recycled materials to lower the carbon footprint.

Social responsibility

We consider ourselves to be an integral part of an ecosystem of stakeholders, which includes our employees, our suppliers and our customers. We recognise our responsibilities to all these stakeholders and make our decisions keeping in mind their wellbeing. It is our policy to employ people who share these same fundamental values, whilst advocating diversity.

We are proud to work in the places we live, and our organisation acts at all times in the community’s best interest.

Our aim is that our branded merchandising solutions do not impact the biological world. We take our responsibility seriously, understanding the relationship between Climate Change and Biodiversity, and we ensure these issues are constantly at the heart of our supply chain solutions.

Open and transparent

As an entrepreneur, be as transparent as possible about the sustainable steps we take. There is little point in projecting a certain green image outside if it does not correspond to reality.

We will provide you RCS, GRS and FSC® etc certificates.
Every production chain has a daily inspection process and inspection report; incoming inspection and supplier management.

Give back to the planet

To ensure our products and services make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of our people, organisation and planet.

There is not one easy solution to fix everything but within our own sphere of influence there are areas where we can make a genuine difference and help reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

We can influence our own operations, our supply chain, the products and packaging we place on the market, the manufacturing methods used to produce them and what happens to them at end of life. We will continuously review and consider our use of resources for products and packaging, our chemical management policy, the management of waste in our operation and our supply chain, how we can reduce air pollution and our carbon footprint and demand safe working environments in the lower tiers of the supply chain.

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